About this Website

This site has a complete set of lessons, answer keys, review materials, and additional study materials for the following courses:

  • Physics 20
  • Physics 30
  • Chemistry 20
  • Math 10C

These courses follow the Albera Curriculum (up to date as of 2016).

For each course you will find lessons and answer keys divided into several units. In addition, you may find a Review section, a Videos section, and a Tool Box section which contains additional materials.

All of this material is freely available to teachers and students under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

I encourage teachers to adapt this work to make it their own.

Additional quizzes and tests are available for free to teachers. Please contact me directly to obtain these:

Dr. Ron Licht at dr.ron.licht at gmail.com

All of these materials I designed with an approach to teaching and learning that I call Structured Independent Learning.

You can learn more about Structured Independent Learning and how I came to develop this approach.

I have also included some sample calendars below to give examples of how I used these materials in a school year: