I am a retired Alberta teacher and it is my wish to continue to share the resources that I developed over twenty five years of teaching.


It is my hope that these resources continue to be used by the people they were intended for – i.e. interested students. So, if you are a student learning about physics, math or chemistry, feel free to use the lessons and answer keys as thousands of students have successfully done before you.


Teachers have been borrowing, using, and pilfering resources from each other for centuries. Perhaps you can use these materials to supplement your teaching or, more strongly, as a starting point in developing resources for your students.

I am also willing to share other resources like quizzes and tests that I have not placed on this website. If you want access to these resources contact me.

I used these materials as the foundation for my teaching practice that I call Structured Independent Learning. If you are interested in changing your teaching practice from being a “sage on the stage” to a “guide on the side” approach, I would love to help you out. I would be happy to hear from you if you have any further questions about bringing this kind of approach to your practice.